If you are one of those experienced c-20 contractors, then I am sure you have been to an HVAC forum or two.  One of the main reasons that we love to go to these types of websites is because we get to communicate with other heating and air conditioning technicians.  This can be useful if we have a question in regards to a system we are working on, and need to ask someone who has a lot of experience.  One of the issues that the c-20 contractor can come in contact with, is you can’t take a desk top computer from job to job.  You need an app that you can put on your iPhone, or iPad.  This makes it more convenient to access an HVAC forum when it is most needed.

There are a few different apps that will allow you to this.  Some of those include tapatalk, Forumsmobile, and many others.  One of my favorites is tapatalk.  It’s a small app that doesn’t take very long to download onto your cell.  Once you have downloaded it, you just look for your favorite hvac forum, and then type in your login name and password, and your done.  It is as simple as that.  I have used tap talk many times while at a residential home owners place.  Sometimes when you are out in the hot sun for hours, and you are a bit dehydrated you may tend to forget some things.  That is when the app can really come in handy and help you to figure out the best solution.  This helps you look like a great tech to your customers, and gets the job done quick and right.

I was on a job once in my local city.  It was late in the day, and it felt about 105 degrees outside.  My car’s ac had just went out the day before, and because I was so busy with work, I hadn’t had a chance to fix it yet.  I had a no ac call, and when I arrived at the home, I saw that the outside unit was not coming on.  I checked the power coming to the contactor, and saw that I was only getting 91volts when I should of been getting 240.  Now, normally this is really easy to figure out, but I think because it was so hot, and I was feeling dehydrated, I just could not think of the answer at the time.  So what I did, was I pulled out my cell phone, and opened up my iPhone app tap talk.  I signed into hvac lounge, and wrote out the issue I was having.  A few minutes later the guys at the website had reminded me what the problem was.  I had a bad breaker.  Once I changed that out, I was getting the correct voltage coming to the system.  Everything came on perfectly after that, and the house was getting cold air.  I had a very satisfied customer, and I give thanks to an HVAC forum.  Had I not had access to that app though, things could of turned out very differently.  I might not have been able to come up with a solution right away.  I might of made a wrong diagnose.  I might have had to make a second trip out there, which would mean I would be wasting more time and money.  So in a sense you could thing about having this type of technology as another way to help your business grow.

But always, this is just something simple to think about when you are out on the jobs.  I hope that this article has blessed you with some valuable information that you are able to use as a heating and air conditioning technician.  I have been in the air business for many years,so trust me, when I tell you I know what I am talking about.